EU Eranetmed Project

Groundwater Resilience to Climate Change and High Pressure within an IWRM Approach (GRECPIMA)

In Mediterranean countries,  groundwater has become over the past few decades, a fundamental resource  for social, economic and environmental sustainability. There is also a  need to integrate groundwater and surface water management. This project  aims to develop collaborations allowing (i) to tackle some of the most  crucial groundwater issues in the Mediterranean area, i.e. tourism  development, urbanization, changes in agricultural practices, seawater  intrusion, through three representative sites; (ii) to bring together  multiple skills in science and technology in a consistent and promising  way regarding groundwater issues, in particular GIS and remote sensing,  climate change impacts and flow and transport modeling; and (iii) to  deal with social and economic fields by involving stakeholders in  Turkey, Algeria and France. The study sites are the region of Mugla in  Turkey, the plain of Mitidja in Algeria and the region of Poitou in  France. The project will associate three research teams with various  domain expertise, which will allow to implement multiple scientific  methods and technologies (hydrology, hydrogeology, climatology, data  analysis, modeling, aerospace, IT), yet little used, especially by  consulting firms. Mobilities will be provided between the partners to  train project participants, including the youngest, to these scientific  methods that are not yet included in the academic programs. Remote  sensing will be used out extensively at the satellite scale and a much  larger scale (Unmanned Air vehicle of the Turkey team). Soft-computing  modeling (e.g. Neural Networks), still very little used, will be applied  to long-term forecasts. Mathematical modeling will be also widely used  in the project to quantify the flow and recharge, analyze surface  water-groundwater interactions and analyze pollution issues. In  addition, every steps of the project will include socio-economic  aspects, which will be addressed by involving very closely the  stakeholders from 3 countries. 

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